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Release Date:

May, 2010

When speed is not enough the city is your weapon!

Racing and destruction collide in this action-packed app inspired by the video game from Disney Interactive Studios, and developed with the help of Black Rock Studios.

Split/Second delivers action arcade racing on an epic scale.

Set in a TV city that is rigged to blow, you’ll trigger Power Plays to wreck opponents, open short cuts, and win the race.

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Race on specialized courses rigged with explosives, trigger “Power Plays” to wreck opponents and change the track!

You can also unlock faster cars as you progress in the game!

Includes 19 cars and 15 tracks! Test your skills in Season mode, Quick Play, or Multiplayer.

Includes many features from the console game, plus a custom track exclusively for the iPhone® app!

To win, you’ll need both speed and strategy because everything can change in a Split Second!


  • Blast your friends in four-person multi-player race: 3G, Wi-Fi or bluetooth
  • FOUR locations and 12 tracks from the console game: Airport, Downtown, Port and Sedona
  • 4 types of RACE events: Race, Elimination, Detonator and the all new Airstrike!
  • 17 incredibly specialized cars, each with different attributes


  • Entertainment Resort - Race through three new tracks in this brand new location!
  • New Race Event - Survival features the added challenge of dodging explosive barrels thrown onto the racetrack by an armored big rig. Survival is key, so pass the big rig before time runs out!
  • New Vehicles - Test your racing skills with the Cobretti GT600, Elite Goliath, and the Elite GT12!
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