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Digital Legends


Scrolling Fighter


iOS, Google Chrome

Release Date:

September, 2008

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The title that pioneered the App Store as the first 3D fantasy adventure scrolling-fighter

KROLL is for fans of hack-and-slash games with simple mechanic controls that brings memories to the 80s gameplay with modern art in a medieval fantasy world.

Crash your way through relentless levels of action destroying an ever increasing amount of enemies and play through awesome cinematic end of level boss battles (quick-time events).


"PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD" - International Mobile Gaming Awards, 2009

"SILVER AWARD" - PocketGamer, 2008)

"Jaw-dropping, PSP-worrying Kroll footage sets the bar on iPhone"

"Other handhelds ought to start quaking in their boots right about now!"


Giants make it to mobile screens

Immerse yourself in a battle of endless minions and 3D super giants that will make your thumbs hurt more than ever and liberate your daughter from Kroll, the most horrendous wizard you can imagine.

An epic trip

Travel through the beach, up the mountain and get yourself inside molten magma mines in the volcano, to finish on a floating prison for the final action.

Casual smash and crash

Easy to play, blends modern 3D sceneries with ’80s style gameplay

Very intuitive gameplay designed for touch devices and for both casual and skilled players

Kroll has 3 difficulty levels (Normal, Hard and Insane) for more and more crushing action. A scoring system keeps track of your progress

Kroll game features giant final stage bosses

" makes you forget your watching it in a mobile device..."
Scott Forstall former vice president of iPhone Software at Apple

Kroll introduced at Apple's WWDC 2008 Keynote

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